CFEclipse 1.4.6

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Hi folks!
It's been a while, eh?  :)
It only took 2 years or so, but we're back where we were with the builds and version control-- plus a bit, as the builds are automatable from Jenkins and such now.
As a result of the automated builds, and the newer version of Eclipse, I've moved the old update site to update-archive (Eclipse 3.x).  Now both update and update-dev build automatically, and the whole process is scripted, thus hopefully easier for people who don't know the black art of running Eclipse plugin site builds.
We're once again sending tweets when builds are run, as well as automatically generating "what's new" ticket log fixes for each release, and the update site html file has been revised as well (what you see in a browser if you go to the update site URL
So, in sum, we're kinda back to where we were, aiming for regular releases and such (using the moon cycles still, I love that).  It's a bit of a reset, as we'll need to recreate tickets that were in track on github issues, but we needed a reset anyways-- so fsck it, let's roll.
As always, feel free to hit me up directly if you don't see a response on the list to something.  As many times as needed, it won't offend me. 
Happy coding!