About CFEclipse

Originally released in January 2004 by Rob Rohan, the initial release was very basic. The project name was originally called the Basic ColdFusion Eclipse Plug-in.

Since then CFEclipse has undergone many improvements and feature additions contributed by volunteer developers.

CFEclipse is truly a community effort!

What is CFEclipse?

CFEclipse is a plug-in that gives developers the ability to author and edit ColdFusion files from within the Eclipse environment. CFEclipse provides Eclipse with an outline view, a CFC (ColdFusion component) view, code completion (code hinting), syntax highlighting text editors for CFML and CFC files, and many more ColdFusion-specific features.

One thing CFEclipse does not have is WYSIWYG ability. Its complete focus is on writing ColdFusion code (so-called hand coding) and building tools that help you write code. If you do a lot of visual or page-layout development for instance, if you rely heavily on drag-and-drop tools, wizards, or the Design view in Dreamweaver - CFEclipse may not be the tool for you.


CFEclipse Gear

CFEclipse clothing and other goodies are available and your purchases help support the CFEclipse project.